The Medical House team welcomes you.

We are attentive to your needs and your health difficulties.

However, as any institution that needs to be well managed, we suggest you to observe a minimum of directives and agree to abide by the following regulations.

By subscribing to the Medical House Watercolour, this is what you should know:

  • You agree to remain in order with your mutual insurance company.
  • The Medical House provides the general medical services, nursing and physical therapy.

Any benefit for those services performed elsewhere will not be refunded to you, either by your mutual insurance company or by the Medical House.


  • emergency department visit (after consulting your GP)
  • visit out of area while on holiday in Belgium
  • written permission from us
  • call a doctor on duty on weekends

Caution !

Nutritionists, sports physicians, acupuncturists are ... in fact, mostly general practitioners. So make enquiries before because there will be no refund.

The Medical House activities extend from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18.30.

A consultation without an appointment is scheduled on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00. Outside opening hours, care is provided during a week by the Medical House. For the weekend, call the duty doctor of your community. In this case you must pay the doctor's fee; the Medical House is committed to refund you the third party payment (the amount reimbursed by your mutual insurance company).

 With regard to the consultations, we ask you :

  • to make an appointment
  • to notify in case of cancellation
  • to respect the time
  • that a time slot of appointment should be reserved for one person.

Please report the change of contact details: address, phone, mutual insurance company and e-mail address.

If you move outside of our area of operations (Grâce-Hollogne, Jemeppe, Bierset, Montegnée), you must unregister from the Medical Home. As a reminder, you need at list a full month to fix your unregistering.

As a reminder, you need at list a full month to fix your unregistering.

The Medical House is a team of several doctors, which means that you will not always be seen by the same therapist.
Daily exchanges between different doctors, medical records and regular meetings allow each one of them to receive you in good conditions.
For your daily requests it is still possible to see one of our doctors. If you can postpone your request, an appointment can be fixed with the doctor of your choice.

Concerning home visits :

  • They are reserved only for patients who are unable to move for medical reasons (e.g. not having a car or living  too far from the Medical Home is not a sufficient reason).
  • As far as it’s  possible, thank you for contacting us before 10a.m.

With regard to applications for prescriptions by phone or at the reception :

A system for prescriptions refills for chronic treatments is available to you at reception. This prevents you from taking an appointment only for prescription.
This prescription will be available from the next day.
However, the doctor reserves the right to refuse the drafting of the prescription and ask to meet you. This is in order to ensure the optimal monitoring of your health condition and update the treatment.

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